Ice Wine, Canada's Best Kept Secret 

Until Now

Ice wine is a form of wine production where grapes are left on the vine past harvest until they freeze. This highly concentrates the liquid to produce the most intense notes developed through a higher acidity balanced by sweetness.  One drop of ice wine is equivalent to the yield of ten drops of table wine creating a taste that is unlike any other dessert or sweet wine you have ever tried.  Due to the risks involved in producing such an exquisite wine, little of it exists in the world and those "extreme winemakers" that do produce it reserve it for locals as it doesn't make financial sense to export a production with such little yield.

REBEL Pi was launched with the sole purpose to bring this incredible product to the world - specifically making it available to those people who are searching for their next experience and want to share their amazing discovery with friends.  We scoured the icy cold vineyards of the expanse of Canada to bring you the best ice wine in production that year.  And each year we are determined to do the same so that you know when you pick up a bottle of REBEL Pi, you are drinking the best.

No longer stored in the deep cellars of a far away country, the best ice wine in the world can now be delivered to your door.  But with only 1,600 bottles in this reserve, you better act fast before they are sold out.

"To make an ice wine from Roussanne takes guts!"

          -  Roger Jones, Michelin Star Chef & Decanter World Wine Awards Judge