Do not be confused, ice wine is not iced wine

Do not be confused, ice wine is not iced wine

If you are already in-the-know that ice wine is a method of production and not just table wine served cold, then you may be confused about something else you might have heard of (but perhaps not recognised) – iced wine.

The painstaking process of making ice wine can only be created when grapes being left on the vine months past the traditional harvest until they are greatly reduced in number, frozen and shrivelled. Only then, on the first freeze in the middle of the coldest winter night, would they be hand picked and pressed into delicious ice wine.

Recently producers have gotten savvy and created a shortcut to reduce their risk and expense by just freezing grapes picked during the regular harvest (often by machine) and pressing them after the fact. This is called iced wine. Although it’s all in the semantics, with most wine enthusiasts not well versed in ice wine production are easily fooled.

Iced wine producers’ shortcuts in production are a huge detriment to the end result of the wine, not to mention the blatant attempt to sell a product based on whitewash. Although affordable, you might as well just buy a regular wine rather than pay a premium for something average and certainly nothing special. Because the iced wine grapes are not left on their vines, there is no chance for the grapes to develop the intensity and complexity that a true ice wine delivers through their own battles with the elements – only the hardiest and the strongest of the grapes remain, with most ice wine crops losing a minimum of 2/3 of the total crop before it is cold enough to freeze the grapes.

Do not be misled, there is nothing that compares to ice wine – and certainly nothing that compares to REBEL Pi.