REBEL Pi Ice Wine

Roussanne Ice Wine

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Meticulously crafted from Roussanne grapes from a single vineyard in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada – the 2016 REBEL Pi vintage is exceptionally rare with only 1,600 made and the only Roussanne ice wine in the world.  Unlike typical ice wine made from more common grape varietals Vidal or Riesling, our Roussanne ice wine is not over sweet unlike most other dessert or ice wines, enabling you to truly enjoy the notes of pink grapefruit, citrus and luscious stone fruit.  It is an exceptional choice for wine drinkers who want to discover a new experience.  

Evoke a bold sense of adventure and serve it chilled at your next dinner party, or mix it to create a truly unique cocktail. It’s called a dessert wine, which means you can enjoy it with dessert—or make it, alone, the dessert.

Once opened, a bottle of REBEL Pi will last roughly 6-8 weeks if vacuum pumped.  Two weeks if not vacuum pumped.  Forever if you use a Coravin.  This is due to the higher sugar content which acts as a preservative. 

We recommend the 2016 vintage is opened before 2021, but it would last a considerable many years longer should you wish to keep it for a special occasion. 

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